November 25, 2008

"Blaspheme" While You Still Can

By a vote of 85 to 50, with 42 abstaining, the UN General Assembly today adopted a draft resolution calling on all countries to alter their legal and constitutional systems to prevent "defamation of religions," asserting that "Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism."

The decision, sponsored by Islamic states with the support of Venezuela and Belarus, drew immediate protests from human rights activists and legal experts...


The thing is, Islam is associated with human rights violations and terrorism. So, for that matter, are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism and every other religion one can name. There are also atheists and agnostics who commit acts of violence and violate human rights. Religions tend to foster such things when they become the basis of civil law because religions themselves preserve archaic ideas and practices which, in the light of reason, become obviously barbaric and inhumane. When any system commits atrocities it should be called out for doing so.

Even though this resolution is non-binding, it paves the way for others that will, without doubt, provide justification for the suppression of dissent from both theology and theocracy.

Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, whatever... all just stories, all just impotent puffs of human fear of the unknown, all just excuses to impose a way of life on others by cloaking it in the syrupy nonsense of doing it for the good of the other. If an omhipotent being existed and didn't want dissent and, yes, blasphemy to exist, then they wouldn't. This is just another example of the deep-down epiphany that nearly all true-believers have sooner or later that their deity of choice is incapable of defending itself, and so they must step in on behalf of the gods that aren't there to punish those who would point out that the emperor has no clothes.

You know what happens when you blaspheme like crazy and no human intervenes on behalf of a deity? Absolutely nothing.

No deity that needs the protection of its worshipers is fit for worship.

Fuck Allah, screw Jesus, jigger Jehovah, bugger Buddha, violate Vishnu where the sun don't shine and, most of all, the UN General Assemble can take its pious nonsense and cram it hard. I'd rather sit in prison or have a bullet in me than be silenced on behalf of a magical spirit that some schmuck clings to in order to impose his will on the world by fear.

Don't want people to connect your religion to violence and terrorism? Stop the religious from committing violence and terrorism. Can't do it? Your god won't do it? Guess what; your religion either doesn't work or else works precisely to foster violations of human rights and human dignity. Silencing, or even shooting, the messenger who points it out doesn't change the flawed nature of the dogma in which you have misplaced your faith.

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