June 03, 2007

Baby Armadillos

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These four little critters are living in the woods behind my house. Today was my second encounter with them, and this time LL got to see them, too, though she's too busy working on a grant proposal to have a romp with them. They're quite a friendly bunch.

Here in the American Southeast, it seems that most people think of armadillos as either lawn pests or road kill. That's too bad; I find them to be among the most endearing of the local wildlife. In fact, I've found them to be far more amicable than most of the people I've met. I've yet to see an armadillo slap a Confederate flag on its ass, for instance, and then be unable to fathom why anyone should be offended by it. I'll miss these animals a great deal more than I'll miss the local culture when I move away from here.

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