June 04, 2007

Massachusetts Musings

LL receiving a bunch of maps and info about Massachusetts in the mail today. Technically, they were addressed to Tycho, but he's unlikely to read any of it. It's marketing stuff, sure... and it worked. Looking over the book of events and attractions generated a bit of excitement. We also pinpointed the place we'll be living on the map of Worcester, and it seems quite a good location. There are a couple of old cemeteries nearby (I'm a historic cemetery buff), restaurants, etc. The MBTA station is either a long walk or short bus ride away, and that can take us to either Boston or Providence and points in between. There's so much there that will be accessible to us, much more than there is now. We're seriously looking forward to the change of venues.

Planning for the move is going well enough. Our car needs work, of course. A tune-up, a couple of new tires, and the brakes are all necessities, as is replacing the left tail light, which decided to go out yesterday. On the other hand, I've now raised about $2000 in eBay sales and, if all goes well, I've found a buyer for the balance of my book collection, and that would bring in better than $4500 more. We'd be in very good shape indeed if that works out, so my fingers are crossed. LL will be getting a couple of paychecks from teaching and her graduate assistantship, too. Everything is going to work out fine, I think. The plan is that LL will drive the car and I'll drive the truck. We'll each have a set of directions and drive about 400 miles each day, meeting at a motel at the end. We'll have cell phones to keep in touch should any problems arise.

I wish we could take a couple of the raccoons with us. We're going to miss them a great deal. Strange as it may sound, we've gotten to be good friends over the past two years. We've gotten used to their company. There's at least one here starting at 2:00 every afternoon until about 7:00 the next morning. It's going to be odd not having them around anymore.

But... wow, Boston. We can take a train to Fenway and root for the Yankees when they're in town. I guess I'd better make sure my insurance is paid up before that!

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