July 25, 2007

Starting Our Second Decade

Today marks LL and my eleventh anniversary, and thus the start of our second decade together. When we first got together in 1996, a number of people who knew us both predicted that we wouldn't last three months. Eleven years, three states, one Silicon Valley boom-and-bust and five houses/apartments later, we're still going strong.

Sure, there are a few more gray hairs (all of mine are on my chin, of course), a couple of extra pounds here and there, and it's been awhile since we were in a mosh pit together (I think the last time for that was at a Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Dropkick Murphys/ska-punk show in Berkeley, the night we left for a weekend at the Northern Queen). I consider myself a very lucky guy. I've spent the last decade partnered with a smart, curvaceous Lebanese belly dancing, fire-breathing anthropologist who enjoys fixing computers and assembling furniture. Not a bad gig at all.

To celebrate, I think we're going out to dinner at a local African restaurant, Anokye Krom, tonight. It's been about five years since we've had African food!

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