August 01, 2007

And Then It Hit Me...

I've been wrestling with the surname Shmulevich ever since Stanislav Shmulevich was arrested. It just a few minutes ago dawned on me from where I know that last name! It's the same as that of a Quality Assurance engineer I brought on board for a company called CGTime (which no longer exists) back when I was a Silicon Valley headhunter. I did a quick search for Igor on Google and found that the most recent info about him indicates that he's working at Documentum these days.

I wonder if Stanislav and Igor are related. You don't hear the name "Shmulevich" much in the USA, but I've no idea how common the name might be in Russia. All of this has nothing at all to do with anything other than my own resolving why the name seemed so familiar. It's a bit like finding my lost keys.

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