August 14, 2007

Connecticut: Christ on a Cabinet, or "Look Mom! It's God!"

Today's Daily Jesus comes to us from Manchester, Connecticut, not terribly far from where I sit right now. It appeared on the kitchen cabinet door in the home of Malynda and Eric Smith. They have lived with this cabinet door for a year but didn't notice Jesus perched there until their daughter (age not given) pointed it out. Then everyone saw it. Now you're seeing it, too.

The question we must ask ourselves, as is always the case with pareidolia, is whether or not we would have seen it if nobody had pointed it out to us. The Smiths clearly didn't see it for a year until their daughter found it. Of course, the assumption was then that it looks like Christ. I don't think so; the outline implies horns placed on either side of the head. It certainly has a lot of hair, too. I submit that this isn't Jesus at all, but a Devil Hippie from the Summer of Love.

Be gone, Devil Hippie! Out of that Connecticut kitchen!

The brief tale of the Smiths and the Hippy from Hell that has possessed their kitchen may be read in its entirety at the NBC-TV channel 30 website. Unlike certain other more intentionally deceitful recent Daily Jesus finders, the Smiths at least say they have no intention to sell the cabinet door.

Unlike others who have made a buck by selling their "images" on e-bay, the Smith's say their "Jesus" cabinet door will stay in tact. Selling it, they said, would be bad luck.
I find the notion that selling the image would be bad luck rather cute, really. It's like a lucky rabbit's foot or wearing a rally hat at a baseball game, then. As soon as the word "luck" is brought in, to my mind it indicates that the whole thing has been shifted into the realm of the less pernicious forms of superstition rather than causing me to see the speaker as locked in the throes of religious spasm.

I suggest an experiment here. A frozen turkey should be placed in the cabinet behind the door. If it comes back to life, I'll go with the image being Jesus. If it doesn't, then it's nothing (I suspect this is the most likely result). On the other hand, if the turkey reanimates and begins eating people's brains, I'll go with my Devil Hippie hypothesis.

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