August 25, 2007

Phone to Email Transcriber

So, I am trying out this new service called Jott. The way it works is that you can call it on a cell phone from anywhere, it will take whatever you record and turn it into a transcribed e-mail. I would expect you can take that e-mail and post it to your blog if you have had a brain ceremony to blog it right away. The service is
The text quoted above was created via a service called Jott. It's in beta and free at the moment.

All one need do is call their toll-free number and record a message. Jott then takes the recorded sound, transcribes it to text and emails it to you. I can see it being handy from time to time. It even appears to automatically edit out ums and uhs.

One downside is that the transcription isn't perfect. In the message above, I had said that one could post email to one's blog if one had a brain storm, not a brain ceremony. The possibility of having a brain ceremony does sound intriguing, though.

The other shortcoming is that the messages one can record are very brief. However, as soon as one is finished recording a message the option is offered to record another. One could still at least string together a coherent line of reasoning via Jott e-mail, then edit later to string it together and flesh it out.

Might be a neat toy. I've put the number for Jott on speed dial; let's see if I actually use it.

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