September 03, 2007

"Balls" Without Bounce

Dan Fogler disappears whenever Christopher Walken is on screen.Balls of Fury is founded on a clever idea; take all the clichés from martial arts b-movies and apply them to ping pong. Unfortunately, this flick doesn't deliver on its promising premise. The problem is mainly lead actor Dan Fogler. His timing is off and he has no appeal at all. He's bland and brings no life to the screen. He just isn't a funny guy.

It's too bad that the director couldn't get Jack Black for the lead. The role seemed written for him and it would have been interesting to see him play opposite Christopher Walken. As things turned out, Fogler seems to disappear each time he's on screen with Walken. In fact, the only thing that saves this film at all is Walken who proves once again that he can do comedy. He's a natural; his timing is terrific and he makes nearly everything he says worth a giggle or two in Balls. Without him, there wouldn't be much to say about this movie at all. There are a couple of very funny moments and a few giggles, but nothing that's likely to leave anyone rolling in the aisle.

When all is said and done, there isn't much point to plunking down $10 to see this in the theater. It's worth seeing for Walken, but probably better left for when it gets released on video.

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