September 18, 2007

Dembski Admits Religious Motivation of ID, Deservedly Laughed At By Audience

At a Q&A session after a talk he gave on Intelligent Design Creationism last night, Wild Bill Dembski made the following statement:

I've got plenty of ulterior religious motive, I'd like to see ID succeed because of my Christian background and beliefs.
This was his answer to what was apparently asked about who the intelligent designer was in consideration of the assertion that IDists like Dembski have repeatedly made that ID isn't a cover for shoehorning religious belief into scientific inquiry and education.

Do yourself a favor and read as much of this thread on Internet Infidels as you can. It's a riot. Despite their having been debunked countless times, Dembski is still using the same old assertions about the "irreducible complexity" of bacterial flagella, the same tired and false analogies about mousetraps, the same, same, same old garbage that anyone who valued reason over a personal agenda would have abandoned years ago. It's such blatant bullshit that the audience laughed at him, at which point Dembski found the best strategy not to provide any evidence for his arguments but to whine about being some sort of martyr for his cause persecuted by all those horrible scientific materialists.

Oh the humanities.

Gee, Billy D., maybe this kind of idiocy is why even a university that has a religious milieu like Baylor doesn't want to have anything to do with you. It's not Dembski's beliefs, it's his intellect that's the criteria as much as anything except perhaps his profound lack of respect for the truth. Funny thing about universities that try to maintain respectability; they generally frown on blatant con-men lying to large audiences.

Somebody flip Dembski's rock over so he can get out of the sunlight. It's clear that light is not Bill's friend.

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