September 21, 2007

Dissolve Your Body Into Pure Energy for Just Pennies a Day!

In case anyone hadn't noticed by now, it's a rare occasion upon which I am rendered nearly speechless. Nonetheless, today's installment of Your Friday Dose of Woo over at Respectful Insolence has very nearly gotten me to that point.

One thing I would like someone enlightened about such things to explain to me is what the difference is between "pure energy" and plain old "energy." Woo Age exponents seem fixated on this idea of pure energy but I have not seen an explanation of how one determines the purity of energy and what would constitute impure energy. Moreover, if energy can be pure and impure, can it also be smooth, crunchy, chunky, etc? Does it come in different flavors, colors, textures? How would one generate it? Is thermal energy more or less pure than kinetic energy? Is potential energy more impure than kinetic or vice versa?

I have so many questions. Surely there is someone out there who can explain all this to me.

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