September 26, 2007

One of Those Days

Today started out well enough. The fungus popping up outide of the lab turned out to be Phallus ravenelii; I shot pictures and took a specimen which I put on the dehydrator with predictably amusing results for the first floor of our building. "Oh god, what is that smell? Did something die in here?" Somebody also went through the dehydrator looking for something and my specimen got hidden from view, so I got to ask one of the post-docs, "Hey, have you seen my Phallus? I left it on the dryer and now I can't find it." I mean, it just started out to be a great day.

Ah, but then I attempted to load my plate and somehow lost track of what I was loading into which wells, so there's a good chance that when I get my results back they'll be meaningless and I'll have to start over again, which means I essentially know what I may be doing this weekend.

Embarrassed and angry with myself for making such a careless, stupid mistake, I came home for lunch. I immediately poured borscht (beet soup, which stains everything it touches purple) on the table because I dumped it into my bowl too hard. Then I noticed that I'd left my MP3 player on all day in my pocket and the battery was dead, so I took off the skin and put in a new battery... backwards. So I took off the skin and fixed the battery, then put the skin on upside-down.

I have a theory about all of this; for some reason, I have started producing an over-abundance of natural antisense transcripts. The stuff has completely overwhelmed my normal RNA, and so I am left producing nothing but the notorious BMBLFQ-OS product. I no longer am making sense.

I still have to manage to drive to the train station, pick up LL and then go food shopping. I'm hoping to survive the trip at this point.

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