September 18, 2007

Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day

You know what makes for a good day for me these days?

Tomorrow, after dropping LL off to catch her train, I'm heading out on yet another foray. My advisor has requested that I bring back "all the russuloids" I can find, and I've promised him a sack-full.

After I get back, I take the DNA from the Lentinula spp. for sequencing. The sequences should be ready on Thursday, at which point I'll BLAST them and see if we do, indeed, have a new species in Vietnam.

The custom-made lab notebook I ordered should be arriving. Blue with gold-stamped lettering for the title and my name (notice a color theme?)

After I listen to one of the third-year PhD candidates give a seminar, then, it's back down to the morphology lab to work on IDs of whatever I happen to bring home.

Plus, I'm being made an admin for the university's online fungal database. I'll have access to upload info about my finds, including images, morphology, whatever. It's essentially a worldwide, publically-accessible database and is used by mycologists the world over.

Now, is that a good day or what?

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