November 20, 2007

First Snow for Worcester and I

This morning, I walked from home to university as snow was falling. It didn't really stick and it stopped about an hour ago, but I enjoyed the walk a great deal. Today marked the very first snowfall of the year in Worcester and the first time I have seen snow falling in just over 15 years.

I moved to Worcester from Florida just under 5 months ago; I lived in Florida for five years. Before that, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area of California for 11 years. It never snows in either place. The last time I saw snow fall before today was during the winter of 1991. I did see snow already on the ground during a trip to the top of Mt. Shasta several years ago as well as the first time I visited my sister in New York, but I didn't actual see it falling on either of those occasions. It was already on the ground when I got there.

People keep telling me - and they might be correct - that by the end of my first winter here, I'll hate snow. For today, though, it was a benevolent and beautiful white dusting that vanished upon striking a hard surface.

The kid in me still loves a bit of snow, and that kid was excited to see it again after so many years. He's been making it rather difficult to concentrate on much of anything today, so I haven't gotten anythign accomplished. That's OK, I tell myself. I don't need to accomplish something every day, and tomorrow starts a holiday or me, anyhow. What's one more day? Besides, I did read David Hibbett's paper this morning. That counts for something, right? Of course it does.

The upshot of this is that I've decided to call it a day early today. LL is on her way back from Boston, and she's going to pick me up. I wish there were still enough snow on the ground to make one good snowball!

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