November 09, 2007

More Tycho-Related News

LL took Tycho to the new vet today. Long story short, it looks like he's going to be OK. The new vet examined him and found nothing of immediate concern. He's had some blood drawn for testing, just to be on the safe side, but it looks like he's going to be fine. There's more detail on The Construction of an Anthropologist, LL's blog. However:

  • Tycho is not close to death, contrary to what Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us.
  • Tycho is not suffering from renal failure, as Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us.
  • Tycho is not underweight to the point of being malnourished, as Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us (the new vet says his weight is just fine)
  • Tycho does not have tumors, as Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us, though he may still have some constipation
  • Tycho is not severely calcium-deficient, as Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us, Lastly
  • Tycho does not need an immediate battery of MRIs and similar tests that will cost in excess of $500 or face death before Thanksgiving, as Nancy O'Leary, DVM told us.
It seems that everything we were told at Worcester Cat, Bird & Dog clinic was incorrect — an utter and complete misdiagnosis that was made by someone who either didn't know what they were doing or was intentionally trying to railroad us into giving them a lot of money for unnecessary tests. I suspect some combination of the two, but I lean somewhat more toward the latter after LL's experience on the phone yesterday wherein she was practically blackmailed.

I am going to file a formal complaint through the appropriate process with the Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine or to whomever they can direct me. I believe fully that there has been a gross violation of professional ethics in our circumstances and this seems to have been further confirmed today. No wonder O'Leary's office weren't interested in a payment plan and wanted to rush us into a decision. They were probably worried that we'd seek a second opinion from someone competent and ethical.

Guess what. We did.

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