November 07, 2007

New Journal Aims to Assist Science Educators

A forthcoming journal published by Springer US aims to help educators in teaching evolutionary theory — a publication long overdue and heartily welcomed by those of us who hope that good education will survive in our schools.

The journal, entitled Evolution: Education and Outreach, will be officially launched this December at the upcoming conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers in Atlanta. Targeted for students and educators from kindergarten through undergraduate university, the goal of the journal is to

address the question of why we should care about evolution by exploring the practical applications of evolutionary principles in daily life and the impact of evolutionary theory on culture and society throughout history... The journal will connect teachers with scientists by adapting cutting-edge, peer reviewed articles for classroom use on a variety of instructional levels. Teachers and scientists will collaborate on multi-authored papers and offer tools for teachers such as unit and lesson plans and classroom activities, as well as additional online content such as podcasts and powerpoint presentations.
The editorial board they've lined up looks like a brilliant bunch, including Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education) and Sir Harold Kroto (Nobel prize winner in chemistry), with editor-in-chief Niles Eldredge (curator of paleontology, American Museum of Natural History). The journal will be provided free to subscribers through 2008.

If you are an educator, parent or student concerned with keeping quality science education in your school, please take the initiative to get this journal into your institution. Contact your local school board or administration and ask them to make this journal available in your district!

If you're a blogger with the same concerns, please make others aware of Evolution: Education and Outreach. Pass this link around and help get the word out. It's about time that a journal like this came out!

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