November 05, 2007

A Rare and Truthful Glimpse Inside the World of Chriopractors

In the wide and weird world of woo, few pseudo-disciplines have found as much success in the marketplace as that of the chiropractor. While it's one thing to pick apart all of the nonsensical claims as an outsider, it's more than a little worthwhile to have a thorough look at what it's like to actually become and to work as a chiropractor from someone who came to his senses and left the field in favor of earning an honest living.

Luckily for us all, Aaron over at Duplicitous Primates has been blogging his heart out about what he learned as a chiropractor, what he's found since deciding not to be one anymore, and the kind of advice he was given in order to foist the nonsense off upon the credulous. It's a rare opportunity to take a peek at the inner workings of some very successful woo-meisters.

I would encourage everyone to read Aaron's entries. This is the stuff for which blogging was created. Thanks to Aaron for taking the time to write these thoughtful and insightful articles!

Part 1: On Chiropractic
Part 2: What is Chiropractic?
Part 3: Common Chiropractic Deceptions
Part 4: Chiropractic Smokescreens
Part 5: My Journey
Part 6: My Journey, Part 2
Part 7: Letting Go of God and Chiropractic

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