November 13, 2007

Tonight's the Night

OK, I know this is my third plug for the show but:

Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
airs on PBS tonight at 8:00 PM (check local listings)!

For those of us here in Worcester, it'll be showing on cable channel 2, WGBH. Were it not a Tuesday night, I would surely have come up with some sort of drinking game to go along with it.

Now, I know a number of readers of this blog are thinking, "Oh, yay, a PBS documentary. That's about as exciting as Ben Stein reading Howl in Welsh." (you know who you are, you weirdos)

No no no, this is different! This is more like a wrestling cage match; two enter, only one leaves. At least, I think it's more like a cage match; I've never actually watched one. Look, let's just compromise. It's like Ben Stein wrestling Alan Ginsberg in a steel cage. With jello. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Look, I'm doing my best here with the material I've got, OK? Just watch the program! If you want to fantasize about Ben Stein rolling around in jello while watching, that's your thing.


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