December 08, 2007

Alternative Health Theory in North Dakota

Just as there are people who want alternatives to evolution taught in classrooms, there are already teachers exposing junior high school students to alternative theories in health classes. In fact, just this past week a health teacher in Bismarck, North Dakota showed the kids a rather educational film about how drinking and driving leads to being tortured in hell for all eternity if you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal savior. Oh, and your friends get eternal damnation, too, since they didn't save you from going there by convincing you to be properly pious.

In most health classes you just learn that drinking and driving can get you killed and kill someone else as well. But is that really enough? Isn't it a good thing that this teacher "mistakenly" showed a video downloaded from GodTube as an educational aid in a health class that just so happened to contain the school's only Jewish student? Nobody could possibly object to a harmless and non-religious seven minute video like A Letter from Hell being shown in a public school to a bunch of grade school students.

Remember, this is pretty much what most Creationists want taught as an "alternative theory" to evolution. Hmmm, I wonder if the screaming, burning teenager was planning a career as a research biologist...

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