December 10, 2007

Did Nathaniel Abraham Lie About the Postdoc Job Terms? It Sure Looks That Way.

Could it be that "Dr." Nathaniel Abraham and/or David Gibbs are just another couple of liars for DA LAWD? It's starting to look that way.

One of the contentions in the complaint filed by Gibbs on behalf of Abraham is that the posting for the postdoctoral position in Mark Hahn's lab at Woods Hole didn't specify that evolutionary biology, and thus the unacceptable (to Abrahams) Theory of Evolution was an integral part of the position.

According to PZ Myers on Pharyngula, however, Peter Irons has obtained a copy of that job posting. Wouldn't you know it... it was quite clear about the position being heavily involved with evolution after all.

...Abraham also alleges that the Woods Hole job posting he replied to made "no reference to any unqualified acceptance by job applicants of the theory of evolution as scientific fact[.]" (I don't know what a "qualified" acceptance of evolution would be).

But this claim is bullshit. I dug up the job posting, which says (after describing the research it would involve on zebrafish reactions to marine toxicity): "Results WILL BE interpreted within the context of the evolutionary relationships among the genes and species under study."


In my experience with Creationists to date, if I've learned one thing it is this: wait long enough or look hard enough and you'll find out that they're lying. Despite all the talk they've spewed over the years about evolutionary theory leading to amorality, honesty seems to be rather elusive when it comes to advancing their agenda.

With this in evidence, I wouldn't want to buy a used car from a Creationist, let alone allow one to set foot in my lab. How could anyone trust such a person with truthfully and accurately reporting research data?

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