December 02, 2007

Don Wildmon Needs Love, Too

At one level, you have to feel sorry for the people who run the American Family Association, particularly Donald Wildmon. They seem to be some rather lonely, bitter people. What else can explain an "action alert" like the following?

At PetSmart, Christmas doesn't exist

Send an e-mail to PetSmart and ask why they refuse to include Christmas in their promotion, choosing to only use holiday.

At PetSmart, Christmas doesn't exist.
It is not to be found anywhere on their Web Site. AFA checked out the local PetSmart store and there was no Christmas there, either.

A search on PetSmart's home page found 252 references to "holiday." It also found 43 references to "Christmas." But, alas, this is very misleading. When you click on "Christmas" you are directed to a page containing the same gifts you get when you search for holiday. Of all the items that pop up when you search for Christmas, not a single one mentions Christmas or is identified as being a Christmas gift.

At PetSmart, everything is "holiday."
I'm not linking to the original because that might get people to click on a link that Don Wildmon and his Antisocial Failures Association has on the site to "check Petsmart's site," thus giving that sad bunch numbers in some tracking report that they can wave about frantically while crying, "See? See?" Instead, if you want to see how many products come up when you search for "Christmas" on Petsmart's site, click here. To do the same for "holiday," click here. If you think the whole thing is a bunch of Christofundie Crybabyism and would rather have a quick chuckle, click here.

This "war on Christmas" nonsense has become a tradition here in the US. Every year, we get pointy-headed pundits and pugnacious praying politicians beating their chests about who says "Christmas" and who says "Holiday" and how many times they say it. Don't these people have anything better to do with their times? Somebody — maybe Wildmon himself — cruises around commercial websites to check how many times each word comes up in a search. Sad, sad stuff; clearly, these are the unwashed and unloved. These are the people that nobody wants to talk to, who don't get invited to parties, because this kind of thing is so important to them that they want to organize against it! Oh, the humanities.

With your help, though, we can come up with something better for Don Wildmon to do this year. The man needs our help, after all, and is almost the holidays.

Click the button below to send Don Wildmon an email suggesting something he can do this year other than flogging his Yule Log!

There must be something better for this sad old man to do than harass pet shops over how many times they use some word he likes, don't you think?

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