December 03, 2007

Greetings to the AFA Readers

If you look down at the bottom of any page on this blog, you'll notice a little icon for a service called SiteMeter. SiteMeter is a useful tool that lets me see where people are coming from when they get here, how they found the blog, how many hits and page views I get per day, etc. It doesn't tell me anything more specific than that; it just gives the subscriber a general overview.

As of this morning, it seems I've picked up a couple of readers coming from the American Family Association's domain,, located down in Tupelo, MS. Greetings and welcome to Hyphoid Logic. I'm glad that you found yesterday's entry about the silliness of your proposed boycott of PetSmart for not using the word "Christmas" enough on their website and invite you to explain how evil and un-American PetSmart is in light of what reader Anti-ethnocentric mentioned yesterday in a comment about how that company does annual charity work by having customers' pets photographed with Santa Claus.

Keep on readin', AFA members! I'm delighted to see that you've found my little blog and look forward to the interactions between yourselves and the usual readers here.

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