December 13, 2007

How Does One Humanely Stomp a Baby Raccoon to Death?

I'm not a vegetarian, let alone a PETA activist. I have no problem at all with people who hunt and fish, killing humanely and eating what they take while acting in compliance with wildlife management. That's all fine; I can easily see the value in it. On the other hand, there's this:

Students kill, cook, eat baby raccoon in class

A controversy is brewing at Columbus High School over the treatment of a baby raccoon.

“They started stepping and stomping on it, joking they’re tenderizing the animal,” Police Chief Danny Jackson. “They skinned that raccoon, cooked it and ate it..."

It happened during a wildlife management class in which students were encouraged to harvest and prep wildlife to be cooked out back and consumed.

“From what I understand, they bring the animals in dead. But these two didn’t. They brought it in alive,” Jackson said.

Jackson says they then beat the animal to death in front of stunned classmates.

According to the superintendent, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

He said a substitute teacher was in the class that day and simply didn’t know any better...

But 11 News has learned there will be no criminal charges against the two students involved because most of the witnesses have said the animal died quickly.

“And so the suffering was minimal,” Jackson said...
The substitute teacher didn't know any better than to allow students to beat and stomp an animal to death in the classroom in front of "stunned classmates?" That's an excuse? I hope this idiot's drool-cup didn't overfill too quickly during his stint. How exactly does one not know any better than to allow high school students to stomp a baby animal to death in a classroom?

The suffering was minimal? Yeah, it's hard to see how one could incur less suffering than by stomping an animal into a linoleum floor. One couldn't, say, shoot the poor thing and get it over with before the poor thing knew what was going on. That's why veterinarians routinely beat untreatably sick domestic animals to death with baseball bats when putting them down; the suffering is so much less than giving them a barbiturate injection.

I don't know who these kids parents are or what kind of town this is, but stomping a baby raccoon to death — let alone doing it in front of a bunch of other people while laughing about it — sounds like prosecutable animal cruelty to me. It's too bad we don't get their names; these boys clearly have a bright future ahead of them full of newspaper headlines containing words like "bloody" and "brutal." How will I know it's them when they take their first perp walks on "America's Most Shocking Police Videos?"

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