December 01, 2007

Master Procrastinator!

Over the course of my years, I have developed many useful skills and even more useless ones. As I write this, I am applying my most useless skill of all. I can procrastinate with the best of 'em, and I can make that procrastination look amazingly productive.

It's 10:45 AM at this moment. I haven't yet done so much as look at the grading rubric for these student papers. I did, however, get the week's grocery shopping done. See how that works? We needed food, so I went to Shaw's on a Saturday morning — arguably one of the busiest times — and did all the food shopping. I managed to kill an hour and a quarter that way and still haven't even opened the folder with the papers in it.

In fact, I'm procrastinating right now. Better than that! I'm metaprocrastinating by writing a blog entry about how good I am at procrastinating. Brilliant! If only I could get a PhD in procrastination. I'd no doubt get around to finding a tenure-track position... eventually...

I really don't want to read student-authored papers all day long. Can you tell? If so, please write a long comment to this entry so that I can use it to procrastinate some more. With your help, I can go all day long without accomplishing anything at all!

(I just wasted a few more minutes deciding whether or not to tag this entry with a "food" label, since I went to the supermarket. Go me! Or not.)

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