December 23, 2007

Providence Tomorrow; Whatever Happened to the Worcester & Providence?

Our original plan was to spend tomorrow at home and head over to do the family thing in Providence on Tuesday, but we've been talked into going over a day early. The plan now is to get the oil changed in the car in the morning and then drive over. We'd been hoping not to drive The Beast, but there isn't a train we can take directly from Worcester to Providence; we'd have to go to Boston first. The train ride would cost $50 and take 2.5 hours each way, not counting time spent waiting between trains. That's crazy; Providence is only 45 miles away! Taking a bus doesn't leave us in much better shape. We're driving.

Considering that there is a Worcester and Providence Railroad that still exists, I'm a bit amazed that it can be so difficult to catch a passenger train to Providence. It shouldn't take any longer, nor be anymore expensive, to get to Providence than it is to get to Boston. But there you have it; we're driving.

Our first stop will be Lovecraft's grave, then over to the relatives' house. We should be back, and I should be back online, sometime on Wednesday.

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