December 18, 2007

Tycho: Fat, Happy and Asleep

I've written nothing recently about Tycho, or as I like to call him, My Liege, Lord of All He Surveys. He's recently been moved into a new, much larger cage. He gets high-tech spotlight UV lighting to insure that he gets enough vitamin D. He's got a new log to sleep in, a new branch to climb on and, best of all, he's now in a spot where he can stay in his cage but sit right next to the computer and has a clear view of the television. He finds both screens entertaining, plus he likes to watch my hands when I'm typing.

I just snapped a quick photo of His Majesty sound asleep in his new quarters. The light-colored patches on his skin are where it's coming loose. He's started another shed.

Tycho has always been a bit spoiled, but since his illness he's been getting more attention than ever around here. The other day, he got blueberries. They were supposed to be my blueberries... but we all know who LL likes better. I bet she wouldn't let me eat his lobster roaches if I asked. He gets those special-ordered, just for him.

We live to serve His Majesty the Lizard King!

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