December 11, 2007

Why Aren't You Perfect Yet? Giving Credit Where Credit is Woo

A hypnotist heavily invested in woo tells us about who discovered that the body regenerates cells. Amazing.

Dr. [Deepak] Chopra discovered that we are constantly rebuilding our own bodies on the cellular level. He says we rebuild the lining of our mouths every 3 days, our livers every 6 weeks and our skeletal systems about every 6 months.


It's amazing that Chopra finds time between high-priced seminars to make such fundamental discoveries in biology, isn't it? Clearly, Chopra deserves a Nobel prize for this groundbreaking discovery. Where would modern biology, or medicine for that matter, be without this amazing discovery?
Why do we keep rebuilding old problems into our new bodies? Mostly because no one told us we don't have to--we were never taught that we could build healthier stronger bodies than we had even before injury, illness or age damaged us.
Silly me, I thought it has something to do with genes and telomere shortening and the like.

OK, listen up, readers!

I'm telling you right now that you've been rebuilding your bodies all wrong and you don't have to! You can rebuild your body to be perfect! Everybody be 18 again within the next 6 weeks or you can't come here anymore! I've told you this now and it's straight from hypnotherapist Terry Brussel-Gibbons via Deepak Chopra, so no more excuses. If you're not perfect, it's your own fault. I don't want to hear anymore excuses about being 80 years old or having lupus or any of that nonsense. If you're not perfect, there's nobody to blame but yourself.

And if you're poor, it's only because you're using your mind incorrectly. As Brussel-Gibbons teachers in her Success Center:
...use your mind to create all the riches you desire. Find out specifically how the mind attracts prosperity. The secrets of why the wealthy keep getting lucky and how you can enjoy your life, immediately...

I have created The Seven Keys to Self Actualization, a systematic program of personal growth which helps you to reach your fullest potential in areas, physical,mental, emotional, and spiritual. This system, when implemented and mastered, renders unparalleled results. And what is most exciting, it allows you to use your most precious and unlimited resource, YOUR MIND.
What's wrong with you people? Be rich and perfect or get the hell outta my blog!

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