January 04, 2008

Another Note to Creationists

Once again, any Creationist who thinks about posting long, quote-mined, debunked material not of their own authorship should first read A Warning to Creationists regarding how such things are regarded in this blog.

That includes you, too, "JC."

I will, however, say this much: if you don't understand yet that evolution doesn't address the origin of life, then you haven't been paying much attention all these years. Moreover, the article to which you made your response had nothing to do with the issue, being that it discussed Nathaniel Abraham, an avowed Creationist who refused to author on work based on evolutionary biology.

And yes, JC, I know who you are (even if you didn't sign your name), though I'll save you the embarrassment of outing you here. You seem to wish to make a habit of getting under my skin. Let's not play that game. I'm not much for games.

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