January 07, 2008

Book Ordered and Other Things For Which to Wait

I've ordered this morning a copy of John Allen Paulos' latest book, Irreligion A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Dont Add Up. Mathematics isn't my strongest suit, so this should be an enlightening read (plus, according to PZ Meyers, it's "a slim little thing that comes right to the point," which sounds like I might be able to fit in time for it).

I recently had someone who really ought to know better throw a Hoyle-like "tornado in a junkyard" claim at me. Since this is such a common Creationist canard, I'm sure the book addresses it at some length and I'd like to get a bit firmer footing on the mathematics behind it. Paulos' own description of the book hints at this being one of its subjects. Besides, a math-phobic as I can be at times, it's never a bad idea to think mathematically; it's an angle I don't usually delve into.

And speaking of things I've ordered, I'm hoping that my chitin shows up today. The weather is supposed to be very warm today and tomorrow — high 50's! If I get the chitin today, I can take a first crack at mixing up medium and then head out to collect specimens in spring-like weather instead of in knee-deep snow with a frostbitten nose.

Note: The grammar police have already been notified about that last sentence. Snow does not have a nose.

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