January 12, 2008

Faith Healing: Mother Confesses to Suffocating Autistic Daughter to Send Her to Heaven for Repair

Mom Confesses She Killed Autistic Child

A woman accused of killing her autistic daughter testified Friday that she attempted to suffocate the 3-year-old with a pillow three days before she succeeded with a plastic garbage bag...

McCarron, a former pathologist, testified she felt responsible for Katie's autism because she allowed the child to get vaccinated. Some people believe autism is caused by a mercury-containing preservative once used in childhood vaccines... [Note: That preservative, thimerosal, was removed from childhood vaccines before this woman's autistic child was born]

Karen McCarron said she killed her child hoping to "fix her" and give her peace in heaven.

"Maybe I could fix her this way, and in heaven she would be complete," she said on the tape...
Well, yeah, the Bible does pretty much say that, particularly Isaiah 33:22-24.

So, if this woman is considered sane enough to stand trial, should she be let go because she tried to cure her daughter's autism? There's no cure for it on earth. The Bible promises that no illness can exist in heaven. Did she still do something wrong, or is a profound religious belief enough to let her off in this case?

I'm sure we could find any number of people in America who would agree that incurable diseases are cured in heaven.

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