January 13, 2008

Getting the Hang of This Snow Thing in Worcester

The weather is calling for accumulations of 14 inches or more between tonight and tomorrow night. So much for our week-long stretch of beautiful weather.

In preparation for the storm, we've done our grocery shopping and laundry. Worcester is pretty good about keeping the streets passable, but there's a good chance that the car will be buried and the hill iced over, so driving may be more difficult and dangerous than it's worth for the next day or two. Why bother with the car? I have perfectly good legs and a bus route a couple of blocks away, too. As long as I've nothing heavy to carry, there's no good reason for me to drive.

Besides which, Monday is the first day of classes at my university. Parking is likely to be more difficult than usual, especially if the side streets I usually park on have snow piled high along the curbs. Rather than even risk the whole thing becoming a frustrating experience and deal with the potential game of bumper cars, I'll eschew driving for the day. Walking a mile in new snow gives one the opportunity to appreciate a bit of transient beauty; driving a mile in new snow gives one the opportunity for nothing better than a fender-bender on Main Street.

If you're a Worcester driver, please keep this important information in mind while thinking about whether or not to drive tomorrow morning! The blood pressure you save might be your own.

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