January 04, 2008

Half a Year Gone By in Worcester

It's just dawned on me that today marks six months since LL and I arrived in Worcester. In terms of pure chronology, I suppose that's the last important "lunaversary."

So far, so good despite the snow and cold. I can't say I regret it, though I do still miss the raccoons and a few people, too, from Tallahassee. It would be nice to get a bigger place; if all goes well, we'll start planning for that in late spring/early summer, I think.

On the day we arrived here, it was in the 90's and as I write this it's about 20° outside. Like the weather, we've been through a lot of changes in this short time. Both of us are faring better. LL has a good job and will also start teaching in a couple of weeks. I'm plugging away at school. It still amazes me that I've managed to get this far; I've now officially survived my first semester as a graduate student as I received my grades today which seems a convenient marker. I still wish my chitin had arrived but, eh, can't have everything.

Even Tycho is fat and happy. His new cage is level with my left shoulder when I sit at my desk. He's taken to sitting right next to me and watching what I do when I write or surf the web. If nothing else, I have become entertainment for a lizard.

Technically, I have a week left in something called "winter break." That being said, while this week has been somewhat laid back, I suspect that next week will be a busy one for me. That's fine; LL likes to remind me that I'm not very good with breaks. Having more than a few days during which I don't think I'm getting something done tends to make me feel like I'm wasting time. Time is something of which I find myself growing more and more cognizant as it goes by. In just under two months, I shall be the answer to life, the universe and everything. Not bad for a kid from Brooklyn who didn't expect to live to 30. Thankfully, I must have worn the expiration date off my foot at some point.

LL got stuck at work today, so I walked home from campus. I enjoyed the cold air. I really do like cold weather. A couple of days ago, when it was about 5°, I got caught walking into the wind and it literally took my breath away. I had to turn my head in order to breathe again. How many years was it since the last time that happened? I think it was while I was waiting for a bus in Binghamton, NY.

I think it would be fitting to go out for a little celebration of The First Six Months tomorrow night. It would be a good occasion to go to Morocco again.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Sleep now.

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