January 21, 2008

Mr. Potato Savior: Jesus Found in Florida Potato

Yep, that crazy messiah has done it again! This time, he showed up in a potato that was being made into potato salad by a couple of clerical types in Marion County, Florida. The amazing potato, we are told, nourished them physically and spiritually. At least they're not selling it on eBay.

Jesus in a Potato?

MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- Pastor Renee Brewster and her husband Bishop Winston Brewster are a very spiritual couple. But the site of their savior in a potato has reinvigorated their faith and their desire to help others.

“That’s Jesus on the Cross. Just looking at it I don't have to convince,” said Renee.

Renee says she had been looking for an excuse to get out of making potato salad. “I was hesitant about making the potato salad because Sister Frankie makes the potato salad at church and I said lord if it’s not for me to make potato salad then send me a sign...

It was her 10-year-old granddaughter who made her give the potato a second look. “My granddaughter said Granny did you see that in the middle? I said what?”

And taking a closer look she saw the cross with Jesus in the middle. “It’s remarkable. Even when I cut the good part off the cross ended up being shaped like a tomb from long ago.”

Pastor Brewster froze the heart of that potato bearing Jesus. The rest was used to make the potato salad served during their weekly rescue mission.

“How was that potato salad? “It was good. It was the best you ever made...it was almost as good as Sister Frankie's,” said Bishop Brewster.

The potato did more than feed them physically. It nourished them spiritually and helped reinvigorate their mission...
Image courtesy of Fox 35, OrlandoA photo of the Holy Spud appears to the right. It looks to me like some dead tissue in a potato. What I want to know is, if the Pastor got a sign from DA LAWD not to make the potato salad, why'd she go ahead and do it anyhow? She's clearly going to fry in hell for all eternity. Potato Jesus is not pleased.

Who knows how many baby potato Jesi have been unwittingly turned into latkas?

It seems like these things show up in Florida more often than just about anywhere else, although Virginia and Texas seem to be stomping grounds for the Holy Family as well. In fact, another report of Christ in a potato has just come in from Houston as well. It's a veritable Jesus-Tuber Jamboree!

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