January 29, 2008

Oh, It's One of THOSE Days

I see that today has decided to be one of THOSE days. You know THOSE days. The kind of day when your urgent emails go unanswered. The kind of days when you learn that one of the reagents needed to teach a lab has been used up and there's no way to get more of it before you need it. The kind of day when every PDF you try to print comes out as some sort of foreign gibberish and one of your drivers appears to be corrupted and you don't have time to fix it. The kind of day when you realize that the protocol you picked to do an extraction doesn't really work all that well with the protocol you were going to use for amplification. The kind of day when you discover a hole in your sock and you don't happen to have an extra pair at hand and you're wearing those boots that aren't necessarily the most comfortable unless you're wearing a pair of thick socks. The kind of day when the battery for your MP3 player dies on you because you didn't notice it was almost dead when you turned it on this morning. The kind of day on which you decide that maybe messing about with concentrated HCl isn't such a good idea considering how everything else appears to not be going quite right. The kind of day when you seriously consider the feasibility of building yourself a bunker with extra-thick steel-reinforced concrete walls because, all things considered, a big rock from space may make a touchdown squarely on the center of your cranium at any moment.

You know, one of THOSE days.

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