January 22, 2008

Quote of the Day: Michael Dowd on Evolution and Politics

Evolution is an election issue, and not just because we care about how our children are educated. In light of the largest mountain of evidence ever gathered on any topic in history, no candidate for president of the world's most powerful nation should be given serious consideration if he or she does not accept evolution as a fact of life.

Michael Dowd in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I disagree with a good deal of what Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution!, says in the rest of his column. I disagree that evolutionary biology "glorifies God" or any such thing. I don't see the role of science as being one to glorify anything at all. Understand, yes, but then only what the evidence actually shows, not what we would like it to show.

Nonetheless, if somebody wants to think that evolution is somehow "glorious," and they don't insist on science education and publication asserting that viewpoint, I don't care. We can talk about it, we can disagree, whatever. As long as we keep the theology out of scientific inquiry, who does whatever else they feel like doing with it is their own business.

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