January 01, 2008

Robert Frost's Summer House Vandalized: I Hold With Those Who Favor Fire

Late poet Robert Frost's home vandalized

RIPTON , Vt., Jan. 1 (UPI) -- Under-age partygoers reportedly fueled by alcohol and drugs trashed the Vermont farmhouse where U.S. poet Robert Frost spent his later years.

Frost bought the Homer Noble Farm in rural Ripton the year after his wife died in 1939 and spent most of the year every year there until his death in 1963...

...wicker furniture was thrown into a fireplace to generate heat in the two-story farmhouse, while tables, chairs, windows, dishes and light fixtures were also destroyed by revelers late last week.

Vomit was found in the living room, as well as numerous plastic cups and a pair of discharged fire extinguishers, he said...
Lovely, eh? I say swing 'em from birches!

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