January 05, 2008

Top Queries: How Google Users Find Their Way Here

Google's Webmaster Tools suite is very useful in creating statistics about any given website signed up for it. I look at it from time to time to get a statistical idea of how people wander into this site, since I know that a lot of traffic here is the result of people performing searches and the vast majority of those searches use Google. It's amusing to see what the top 20 queries entered into Google that resulted in a search hit on this site are:

It's funny to see that with everything I spew onto the Intarwebs via this blog, more people see a search result based on a review of a very bad low-budget horror movie than anything else. It's also a bit titillating to note how much time people apparently spend looking for things with the words "girls gone wild" in them.

If I wrote an article entirely about Haitian zombie wives gone wild, this blog would probably make some sort of history! There are apparently a lot of people who urgently need information about married, drunken undead women from Caribbean republics, and it's a niche that I don't think anyone else has filled.

Coming soon: watch for a name change! As of next week, this blog will be entitled:

Hot Naked Drunken Haitian Goth Zombie Girls' Wives Gone Wild on Mushrooms

Now, where can I find a nude shot of Ann Coulter...

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