February 12, 2008

Ah, Florida... The Quadriplegics Being Dumped Out of Their Wheelchairs Are Lovely This Time of Year

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that one of their own deputies is in trouble after she was caught on tape dumping a quadriplegic man out of his wheelchair while he was being booked into jail, and three supervisors were nearby at the time but did nothing.

Investigators say Deputy Charlotte Marshall Jones is suspended without pay after the January 29 incident, which involved 32-year-old Brian Sterner, who is a quadriplegic...

Records show his arrest was due to charges of fleeing and attempting to elude a law enforcement officer from an incident on October 25, 2007. Those same records show Sterner was cited at that time for blocking an intersection...

Docobo also said that the supervisors who were in central processing at the time of the incident have been suspended with pay. They include Corporal Decondra Williams, Corporal Steven Dickie, and Sergeant Gary Hinson. Docobo says none of the supervisors filed a report or told anyone about the incident, even though they were nearby and witnessed the incident.

While an investigation into the incident is still to come, Docobo said he feels all those involved in the incident should be held responsible for their actions—or their lack of actions. The video shows several people in the room at the time of the incident, and none of them came to Sterner's aide.

"Certainly all the personnel are entitled to due process under the law, but I can tell you that based on what I saw, anything short of dismissal would be inappropriate," said Docobo.

Deputy Jones is a veteran deputy who has been employed with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office since 1986.

Docobo explained that though Sterner was in a wheelchair, deputies are used to dealing with this type of situation. He said there are currently more than 30 wheelchair patients in the county's jails, and this is nothing new for deputies...

— Source: MyFox Tampa Bay

The fact that this guy was dumped on the floor is horrendous. His crime was essentially eluding officers after not stopping for a traffic ticket... which also brings up another point. The guy is a quadriplegic. How the heck did he elude police officers in the first place? Does his wheelchair have rockets on it? I can't see them in the video. Was he in a car when he was blocking the intersection, and how did he get away if there was other traffic? I suspect some cops may be making just a few too many trips to Krispy Kreme down in Tampa and just weren't able to react quickly enough to catch the fellow in the wheelchair. Maybe it's all that extra fat clogging up their brains to the point where they'd be stupid enough to do what's shown in that video, too. Not to mention that the supervisors who witnessed this were suspended with pay. Interesting way to earn some vacation time, no?

Maybe this is why there's so much opposition to new science standards including evolution in that part of the world. There is a high proportion of cavemen still dwelling in the state, apparently.

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