February 15, 2008

Don Wildmon and AFA: They Really Are Insane

Don Wildmon sent me an email yesterday. I was all excited when I got it, too. I thought that it was going to be one of those cutesy electronic Valentine's Day cards, that he was finally going to proclaim his undying love for me and we were going to ride off into the sunset and live happily every after together.

My hopes were dashed, though, when I opened the mail and discovered this nugget of nutiness instead:

TV LAND flippantly disrespects God and Christians

Send an email to TV Land president Larry Jones, letting him know you are offended that TV Land so easily disrespects Christians by belittling their faith.

Dear Manmeat,

The TV Land network has a new feature starting this Saturday (Feb. 16) called "OHMIGOD, That's so 80's weekend." The series features movies from the 1980's. "OHMIGOD" is an irreverent exclamation for "Oh, my God!"

The promotional ad is playing on the television broadcast and on their website at www.tvland.com. (WARNING: If you visit their website, the ad plays automatically.)

I can't tell you in words how offensive it is to listen to the advertisement for this new show as they must say "OHMIGOD" five times in 30 seconds.

Disrespect for Christians and God have gone on for some time with this phrase, but now we have a network that feels it appropriate to name an entire program series with this phrase.
All I can say about it is... OHMIGOD! Is the irony lost on these raving fundamentalist fanatics that they themselves have used the "disrespectful" phrase "OHMIGOD" three times in a mere five sentences? It took me less than 30 seconds to read them. If "disrespect for Christians and God" is a function of the rate at which the phrase is used, then I would have to conclude from the email that the American Family Association is more disrespectful of God and Christians than TVLand.

Of course, arguing that OHMIGOD is disrespectful as opposed to "Oh my God" is way wacky nonsense. Changing a Y to an I is blasphemy! The letter I is the work of Satan! Huh?

I guess Wildmon just ran out of good things to be angry about this week and had to find something that would show his followers that he hasn't lost his position as spokesman for the Wrathful Jesus Brigade. Must keep those donations rolling in. I can only imagine the staff meeting where they decided to pick on TV Land this week. "Quick... we need something... what do we have?"

The scary part? These lunatics have some degree of influence over politics in America. The funny part? They think that chasing after a cable TV network for uttering a three-word phrase too quickly in the title of a TV show is going to increase anyone's respect for the religion they're trying to cram down everybody's throat.

Personally, I think they're just jealous that their Muslim counterparts in Saudi Arabia get to execute a witch. Nobody ever lets Christian fanatics burn witches anymore. It's just not fair! Religious discrimination!!!!!

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