February 13, 2008

Food Should Taste Good. This Food Tastes Bad.

Nauseatingly bad tortilla chipsLL and I went food shopping last night and decided we wanted to try a different, healthy snack of some sort. We've been seeing these on the shelf for awhile but hadn't bought them before. We finally decided to give the chocolate tortilla chips made by Food Should Taste Good a try. We've had their other chips and liked them.

These crisps, however, are horrible. You know that face one makes when something tastes so bad that it literally sends a chill down one's throat, that "what the hell did I just eat" grimace? LL and I both had that reaction to this alleged snack. The taste is a combination of unsweetened chocolate and corn. They're nauseatingly bitter. We both agreed that they're one of the worst-tasting things each of us has ever tried.

The entire bag minus the three chips we managed to consume are destined to become crow food. There's a huge murder of crows that hangs around our neighborhood and LL has taken to feeding them on the back porch. They sit out there and wait for her every morning and don't even fly away when she opens the door at this point. I'm betting that they won't eat these chips, though. If I were a crow, I'd likely prefer some roadkill to these things. Heck, I'm human and I'd rather eat roadkill than subject myself to them.

Who are these things supposed to appeal to? I guess there must be a niche market somewhere consisting of people who like tremendously bitter corn-based products.

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