February 22, 2008

Hyphoid Logic Wins Prestigious Award

Thou hast been knightedI'm proud to say that somebody reads this blog. More to the point, somebody reads this blog and has decided it's worthy of an award. Every once in awhile, some other blogger out there has one too many and thinks I should get an award, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Today's inebriated tasteful award-awarding blogger is Lim Leng Hiong of Fresh Brainz 新鲜脑汁, who has given Hyphoid Logic the prestigious "E for Excellent" award, which shall henceforth be proudly displayed in the sidebar. As part of the deal, I am to name ten blogs that I think also deserve the award. In keeping with today's momentous events in Sark, I'm going to do it in a fittingly Medieval manner. Thus, all of the bloggers below are hereby named Knights of the Hyphoid Logic Realm, forsooth.

  • Austringer — Inasmuch as Wesley Elsberry hath battled the dragon of Creationism in the Darker Realm of Yon Floridian Hinterland using naught but raptor and the pen composéd of electrons, he shall henceforth be known as Sir Wesley of Grits. Arise, good Blog.

  • Endogenous Retrovirus — Gadzooks, yon graduate student doth research the retrovirus that maketh men to have AIDS by day and by night doth joust with Lord Behe the Black and the vile Lady Casey of Luskin. Also, she is very tall, towering over yon forest, she maketh lab benches tremble with her footfalls. From this day forth, she shall be known throughout ye Blogosphere as Lady Smith of env.

  • Fungal Genomes and Comparative Genomics — From the lofty hills of Berkeley doth ride this most excellent blog. Shouldst thou desire to be made wise about ye research upon thine life forms of chitin most filamentuous and the heredities thereof, thou must get thee hence to FGCG. Arise, good Blog, and be thou known throughout the Blogosphere as Sir Genome of Mycelia.

  • Further Thoughts — In all of Blogosphere, we know of but a single Trini Botanist. He writeth of all things leafy and of things that bordereth on yon Queen's Savannah. Arise, Sir Ramjohn of Cowheel.

  • LOLTheist — Who maketh this blog we know not, and yet we do daily chortle upon ye lolz of theism most ribald and blasphemous. Yea, though we walkest through ye Valley of ye Shadow of Theocracy we shall surely snicker at ye graphics therein. Arise, Sir Snarky of Barbs Most Theological.

  • Millard Fillmore's Bathtub — Ed Darrell maketh his Blog with writings most wise about things historical. He hath debunkéd many a myth and strivest most abundantly to have us remember our part so that we doth not repeateth of it. Arise, Sir Millmore of Fillard.

  • Nerd Armada — C.H. Greenblatt laboreth upon ye cartoons and hath given unto us ye brightly colored things that doth move, like unto Chowder, Spongebob Squarepants and Fred Fredburger. Thou knowest not the life of yon crafters of 'toons, but Nerd Armada makest thee to know. Arise, Sir Greenblatt of Fredburger.

  • Science After Sunclipse — A Blag (I know not what ye word meaneth) about math and physics which doth originate from a goodly egghead at MIT. Ye author, Blake Stacey, doth battle daily 'gainst yon forces of illiteracy scientific and mathematical. He maketh subjects most obtuse to allow through a little light. Thou shouldst readeth and lose thyself in a few good equations. Arise, Sir Blake of Optimizations Most Quantum.

  • Wormtown Taxi — Thou mayest scour thine Blogosphere and find thee yet not another Blog which givest thou the perspectives of one who dost driveth ye horseless carriages for hire in ye Shire of Worcester. If thou desirest knowledge of conditions of ye streets of the Shire or needest ye a route that doth avoid ye Mad Intersection where Route 9 doth conflict with ye Mill Street, thou shouldst read this. Ye author writest of politics local, of snowblowers left 'pon roofs, of LATITS and plows that doth pileth snow across thy driveways. Arise, Sir Cabbie of Snowflake.

Forsooth, I have named but nine blogs. There should be one more, nay? Ah, but the rest careth not of these awards. They shall be called as Sir Very Big Blogs That Careth Not What Is Said Upon Hyphoid Logic. Thou already readest them, and so no plugs do they need from me. Eth.

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled, not-nearly-so-annoying use of uncontrived modern English.

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