February 23, 2008

Jesus is Like a Stretch of Bad Road

Time for a Daily Jesus!

This time around, Jesus has shown up as some bad pavement in Illinois, on East 29th Road north of Seneca. Not much else is given to go on in the article; someone named Kris Jackson saw it and snapped a photo. This is probably the youngest Daily Jesus; it hasn't gained much notoriety yet.

So, here's the photo:

It does look like a profile, particularly since we've been told that it's a profile. Is there anything that makes it the profile of a particular individual, though? Is there anything particularly Jesus-like about this cracked pavement?

The photograph appears in a very brief article in the Chicago Sun-Times. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, develops around these cracks by way of people declaring that they represent a message from God, perform miracles, etc. So far, this has been a low-key divine intervention, but it sounds like something in which the Light the Highway crazies might be interested.

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