February 02, 2008

The Redneck Taliban: Infantilism and Violence

A group of Christofascist nutjobs calling themselves "King of Terrors" has been putting out videos wherein they hold mock funerals during which they burn people in effigy accompanied by screams lifted from video game sound effects. The organization, apparently led by a semi-literate pig molester, has most recently released a video in which this is done to Richard Dawkins whom, I am sure, now feels terribly ashamed of himself for suggesting that religion breeds insanity and hatred in the face of the divine love exhibited by these upstanding Kentuckians.

I wrote earlier about things I'm giving up for Lent. These fundienutters have apparently given up reason and maturity. Anyone who could be swayed in their thinking by this kind of lunacy was a sociopath from day one.

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