February 27, 2008

Setting the UK's Telegraph Straight on Jesus of the Tree Rings

The UK's Telegraph is running a story on Jesus of the Tree Rings today. Entitled "Jesus Christ found in an American tree trunk?" it provides no less than seven alternative identities for the sap stain image found in a hunk of tree trunk by Pennsylvanian furniture-maker Craig O'Connor.

Sad to say, none of the Telegraph's alternatives are correct. As readers of this blog already know, I conclusively demonstrated more than two weeks ago that the image is that of King Ramses, a character appearing in one episode of the Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon show (see Jesus of the Tree Rings: Christ or King Ramses?, February 11)

Ramses is not going to be pleased with the Telegraph for this insolence. Expect to read about the paper being smited by cartoon locusts any day now.

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