March 10, 2008

A Response to Oklahoma Legislator Sally Kern

Sally "The Symptom" Kern

Click Me

I've tried to come up with some way of phrasing my thoughts about Oklahoma representative Sally Kern's utterly insane, hateful, vile comments about homosexuals being a danger to America graver than terrorism (and Islam, mind you, as if Islam itself were a threat). I realized, though, that the best I could come up with was a suggestion that she lodge her twisted crucifix into the nethermost terminus of her digestive tract and go for a ride on an unpaved road surface in a pickup without shock absorbers.

Sally is just a symptom of a worsening disease in this country, though. She can't be addressed separately from our overall backslide into the Age of Disenlightenment (or Unreason, as Susan Jacoby phrases it in her latest book). I could spend hours addressing that, but if you click on Sally Symptom's photo above, or on this link, you'll find that someone has already written an excellent response. And you can dance to it.

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