March 08, 2008

Tycho Four Months After His Death Sentence

Four months after we were told that Tycho would be dead by Thanksgiving, he's not only alive but thriving:

Does he look even a little bit dead? I don't think so.

He is, however, very spoiled these days. For example, he has decided that his diet should consist almost exclusively of fresh blueberries, crickets and lobster roaches with the occasional bits of shaved zucchini and carrots all of which must be fed to him by hand. Being as he is the Most Important Lizard in the Universe, eating from a dish is beneath his dignity. He demands to sit at the window and keep an eye on the crows and squirrels as much as possible. Also, he nearly always has to sit right next to me when I'm at the keyboard these days. Thanks to the placement of his cage, he can do that while sitting atop a log and staying warm.

He has recently passed the 11.5 year mark; that's equivalent to reaching 92 years of age for a human. He's still interactive, even social. He does like taking his naps these days, but I expect I'll want to do that more frequently should I survive into my 90s as well.

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