April 29, 2008

Prenatal Crucifixion: A Daily Jesus from Ohio

Jesus has paid a visit to earth again, this time lodging himself firmly in the uterus of Monet Sledge of Lorain, Ohio.

Did Jesus Appear In An Ultrasound?

A Lorain, Ohio, woman got an ultrasound in preparation for her first baby, but instead of seeing the image of an infant, Monet Sledge saw something else.

"I was shocked like really," said Sledge.

She showed the picture to her sister Tequoia Smith, a married mother of four who has seen her share of ultrasounds.

The crucifixion in Monet Sledge's uterus"I was expecting to see little body parts," said Smith. "Like a face, arms and legs." But instead she too saw the image of Jesus on the cross. "As soon as I saw it I was like oh my gosh."

Some people are encouraging the mom to sell the image on eBay, but she has not decided wether or not the image is for sale just yet.

She embraced the picture as a positive message from above.

"People say maybe my baby is gonna be blessed and maybe it is a good sign," said Sledge. "I don't know, I've done wrong in my life, maybe he's forgiven me early."

Big sister Smith agreed.

She added that the family has had some challenging times lately with injury, employment and other stresses.

"Maybe it's a sign of a good pregnancy or maybe we've just been through so much it's a sign that everything is gonna be okay. After the initial shock it's like God is here even when you don't know it."
I read this story and I was all like omigawd, fer sure!

This is a very typical Daily Jesus in two ways. First, it's sighted by people who note that they've been through some sort of major trauma and general emotional stress in the time leading up to their vision. Second, a sale on eBay of the object bearing the divine imprint is being considered. In this case, I'd give good odds that it will happen. After all, as the Jesus-finders tell us, they need the money.

I can't help but feel a bit sorry for Sledge. Giving birth to those nails is going to be very, very painful.

Personally, I don't think this baby is going to be particularly blessed. She's being born into a family where everyone repeats the word "like" over and over again and, like, that, like, is a like pet-peeve that, like, drives me, like, totally nuts. Unfortunately, I suspect that the child will be born into a family that is having the same problems that it had before they received the Holy Ultrasound of Lorain. It is, after all, just a photo like any other. The significance attached to it is the product of a desperation to find something to cling to. That probably isn't the best basis for an interpersonal relationship, let alone a parental one.

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