April 12, 2008

Short Notes: Nom d'Blog and Taxes

I've finished off doing my taxes. Perhaps the only good thing about being a dirt-poor student is that it makes doing my taxes very, very easy. Between state and federal refunds, I'll be getting back just over $1300, all of which will go to paying down debts. The "economic stimulus" payment I anticipate in May will go for the same thing.

On an entirely unrelated point, I've been noticing that I get a lot of Google-generated hits here based on searches for the word "risal" by people from Arabic-speaking countries. I've just asked LL about that, and she told me that the word risal means something like "a newsletter" in that language. I had no idea of this; the name "Mike O'Risal" is a pun on the mutualist relationship between certain trees and fungi (mycorrhizal). That part of that name has resulted in Middle Easterners and North Africans finding my blog while searching for a newspaper to read is kinda sorta funny.

But, as the old saying goes, Pantalon daya k'tir!

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