May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage Irks the Most Concerned Woman in America

It has been a few hours now since the California Supreme Court overturned that state's ban on gay marriage, having ruled it unconstitutional and generally an affront to human dignity and, when you get right down to it, what it means to be a rational and empathic human being capable of co-existing in a pluralistic society. We hear already the scratching of fingernails from within the plain pine coffin in which the increasingly and rightfully marginalized right wing cognotscenti are entombing themselves. Those of whose who side with humanity and a hope for the future expected it, of course, from these moral troglodytes who side with their putrefied tomes of outmoded Middle Eastern tribal laws to which they cling like leeches upon the belly of their vengeful daddy in the sky.

Leaping head-first into the front of the foray is the most concerned woman in America who, ironically enough, might be surmised to actually have male genitalia. I don't know that for sure, but the most concerned woman in America goes by the name Matt Barber, and I assume that Matt is short for Matthew and not Matilda. Matt is the Policy Director for Cultural Issues of the Concerned Women for America, and she is pissed. Matt is demanding mob rule and calling the Supreme Court of California — which, by the way, is comprised of six Republican appointees out of seven members — "judicial activists" bent on overturning the "will of the people." That's what courts do; just because people want something doesn't make it legal. That's the difference between a system of representative government with checks and balances and rule by crowds of angry villagers carrying on stonings in the streets. But here, let's allow Matt to have her say, as she has been quoted extensively in a piece published in ChristianNewsWire for whom the media contact is given as Natalie Bell, Media Coordinator for CWA (202-488-7000 ext. 126):

California Supreme Court Betrays 'We the People' on Marriage

Matt Barber, the Most Concerned Woman in AmericaMatt Barber, CWA Policy Director for Cultural Issues, said "The California Supreme Court has engaged in the worst kind of judicial activism today, abandoning its role as an objective interpreter of the law and, instead, legislating from the bench. It's absurd to suggest that the framers of the California state constitution could have ever imagined there'd be a day when so-called 'same-sex marriage' would even be conceptualized, much less seriously considered....
Of course, the framers of the California state constitution would also have "laughed their smocks off" over the idea that women should be allowed to vote, that Chinese railroad laborers should be entitled to safe working conditions, or that blacks should be able to hold public office. I suppose that the courts should only be allowed to interpret laws that have been written by people with a proven capability to see into the future. Ms. Barber dwells in a very strange sort of reality, as demonstrated by the fact that Chief Justice Ronald George, the man who wrote the court's majority opinion, is a lifelong Republican and was appointed to his post by Republican governor Pete Wilson. His first appointment, in fact, was to the Los Angeles Municipal Court by none other than Ronald Reagan. Nonetheless, Ms. Barber and the other Concerned Women for America have no compunction about turning on one of their own when he dares exercise reason over malice. It's not too unlike what happened to Judge Jones after the Dover trial.

But wait, Barber isn't finished yet:
"So-called 'same-sex' marriage is counterfeit marriage. Marriage is, and has always been, between a man and a woman...

The majority of Americans recognize the fact that legitimate marriage and family are cornerstones of a healthy society. Reasonable people have had enough and are refusing to allow radical extremists to redefine marriage and family into oblivion. So-called 'same-sex marriage' is a ridiculous and oxymoronic notion that has been forced into popular lexicon by homosexual activists and their extremist left-wing allies...
Actually, marriage has also been between a man and several women and between a man and a little girl or five, too, depending on where and when you look into history. I don't recall Ms. Barber releasing an angry statement like this in reference to the recent polygyny case in Texas, nor has CWA come out with such a "defense of marriage" statement about members of the same polygynous sect in Colorado or Canada. No, the Most Concerned Woman in America isn't nearly as concerned with that.

Nor does Ms. Barber realize that the cornerstone of a healthy society is not marriage. The cornerstone of a healthy society is the ability to its members to empathize, to not be locked up in the kind of loops of psychosis and steely, glaring opposition to the best that human nature has to offer — love, in whatever form it takes — in favor of slavish adherence to the doctrines of religions that nobody believes in anymore.

Homosexual activists and their extremist left-wing allies? Don't look now, but according to this statement, Republicans are either gay or gay-friendly. Gee, what a terrible thing to contemplate. Who will speak on behalf of the Most Concerned Woman in America? Nobody. Good.
If people who engage in homosexual behavior want to dress up and play house, that's their prerogative, but we shouldn't destroy the institutions of legitimate marriage and family in order to help facilitate a counterfeit.
I don't know about you, but it certainly makes me feel really, really good about Leviticans like Barber when they take to conflating a sexual relationship and children like she does here. What could be more appropriate than a little revelation of the pedophilia of fundamentalists than this kind of statement? One can only wonder what Ms. Barber has in her own closet when she feels like this is an appropriate thing to say. Considering the alternative, I'm more than happy to be an "extremist left-wing ally" of "homosexual activists." Buy me the t-shirt and I'll wear it. I'd rather be that any day than even a nominal supporter of people who go about with images of little kids in adult situations flitting about in their short-circuiting neural pathways, thank you very much.
On a positive note, the Court's decision today will likely serve as a wake-up call to both Californians and their fellow Americans across the country. I’m certain this decision will help fuel a California marriage amendment and re-ignite debate over a federal amendment which would protect marriage as between one man and one woman.
What part of "unconstitutional" don't these people understand? What did Chief Justice George write again? What was the ruling? Oh, yeah, here it is:
Absent a compelling justification, our state government may not deny a right as fundamental as marriage to any segment of society. Whether an unconstitutional denial of a fundamental right has occurred is not a matter to be decided by the executive or legislative branch, or by popular vote, but is instead an issue of constitutional law for resolution by the judicial branch of state government...
Here, let's make this a bit easier to understand for the Most Concerned Woman in America. You don't get to interpret the Constitution in order to make law; that's the job of the judicial branch of government, whether at the state or federal level. Getting another proposition on a ballot, even if a majority of voters support it, doesn't make it anymore constitutional. Conversely, the courts are not supposed to be swayed by public opinion and polls based thereon. They don't rule based on whether voters agree with something or not, they rule based on the law of the land. Pass another proposition and watch it get knocked down just like the last one.

The Most Concerned Woman in America and her cohort need to find something productive to be concerned about and get their heads out of everybody else's pants. There are real issues that real American women (unlike Ms. Matt Barber) are concerned about. Oh, and guess what?

Some of those genuinely concerned women are even gay. Imagine that. And what's one of the things they're concerned about? Not being treated like straight concerned American women. Not being allowed to marry partners with whom they've formed lifelong commitments. The Most Concerned Woman in America is clearly not concerned with those women. Their commitment, their emotional well-being, their right to equal protection under the law, is no more than "dressing up and playing house" to someone like Matt Barber. In her mind, those women can never have anything real with one another. They're not fully human, not fully adult, not quite as equal as some people.

Matt Barber is, if nothing else, living proof that George Orwell was an optimist in some regards. Not only is she a man pretending to be a Concerned Woman, but she's a pig pretending to be a human being. Viva Napoleon!

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