May 20, 2008

It's a Small Woostah After All

LL met up with a woman who "might have some web development gigs" yesterday. She told me that the woman's name was Claudia, but it didn't occur to me that this might be Claudia Snell of I'm from Worcester whom, in fact, she turned out to be.

Worcester may be the second largest city in this state, but sometimes it seems like it might still be a small town. How small? Small enough that I now know that someone in this town skips over my mushroom-related entries!

It's a funny thing. Hyphoid Logic doesn't have a huge readership; there are about 50 people subscribed to it through various syndications and the like, and on a good day it might get 200 hits. Nonetheless, its not unusual for me to go to some meeting in Worcester and have someone recognize me from that funny-looking picture over in the right-hand column of the screen and tell me that they read this thing. That happened most recently at the last Greater Worcester Humanists meeting I attended, for instance.

I mean, who the heck are you Woostahnis, anyhow?

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