May 09, 2008

Jesus Forgives Child Molester: Prove It Is or Isn't True

Child abuser says Jesus forgave him; judge doesn't

A Deer Park man will spend nine years in prison after he admitted Thursday to tying up three neighborhood children, videotaping them naked and masturbating in front of them.

"Jesus has forgiven me and in time they can forgive me, too," Russell Back Jr., 52, told Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Thomas Nurre...

Back's house was familiar to many children in the neighborhood because, before she left him, that's where Back's wife often baby-sat for them.

The children Back victimized all were boys under 13...
I invite any and all commenters to prove, without statements including the words "I believe..." or "Because the Bible says so..." that Jesus either has or hasn't forgiven "Uncle Russ" Back for his molestations of children in the house in which his wife provided babysitting to their neighbors. Offer empirical, testable evidence that demonstrates support for either hypothesis.

Why should or shouldn't you believe that Russell Back Jr. is on a fast-track to eternal utopia while, say, Richard Dawkins isn't?

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